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The Simple Present Tense uses the verb’s base form (write, work), or, for third-person singular subjects, the base form plus an -s ending (he writes, she works).Simple Present Tense menggunakan kata kerja dasar “Verb Base” sedangkan untuk Subyek yang menggunakan kata ganti orang ke 3 tunggal ditambah /-s/, /-es/, atau /-ies/. 

The PRESENT TENSE indicates that an action is present, now, relative to the speaker or writer. Generally, it is used to describe actions that are factual or habitual — things that occur in the present but that are not necessarily happening right now: “It rains a lot in Portland” is a kind of timeless statement. Compare that to the present progressive — “It is raining in Portland” — which means that something is, in fact, going on right now. “I use my bike to get around town.” is in the present, but I’m not actually on my bike right now. An instantaneous sense of the present can be conveyed with either the simple present or the progressive: “Watch him now: he holds [is holding] down the control key at the same time that he presses [is pressing] the letter d.”

The present tense is used to describe events that are scheduled (by nature or by people): “High tide is at 3:15 p.m. The Super Bowl starts at 6:15 p.m.”

Present tense habitual activities are frequently signaled by time expressions ( kebiasaan yang sering dilakukan) such as the following:

all the time


every class

every day

every holiday

every hour

every month

every semester

every week

every year

most of the time






Singular / Tunggal Plural / Jamak
I walk we walk
you walk you walk
he/she/it walks they walk
Singular Plural
I sleep we sleep
you sleep you sleep
he/she/it sleeps they sleep
Singular Plural
I am we are
you are you are
he/she/it is they are

1. I walk to work every day.

2. The Chicago Bulls sometimes practice in this gymnasium.

3. Dr. Espinoza operates according to her own schedule.

4. Coach Calhoun recruits from countries outside the U.S.A.

5. Jhon Paijan tells me she has committed to School Exam.

6. We work really hard to make this a success, and then look what happens.

7. Every time that kid finishes a sandcastle, the waves come in and wash it away.

8. The shipment arrives tomorrow at 2 p.m.


Welcome to Nation Characters


What a character?


Nation Character is a manifestation of the society’s soul expression  which approved by the members, its caused of the similarity of feeling as a man that God grants to them, honorable attitudes, great dreams to catch  a generous life as the freedom .

There are many symptoms to attention that cultures and habits relate  to the way and style of life from the local society, of course, every region or tribe has distinctive culture from each other.

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